Tuesday, July 31 • 6:00pm - 7:45pm
Science Fair LIMITED

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Come meet the builders of the Decentralized Web in one-on-one chats during our Science Fair!  Wander through the Internet Archive's fascinating "Temple of Knowledge" to find more than 70 tables, each with a different project.  Get your first look at the technologies of tomorrow.

For more information about each Science Fair project visit:  https://decentralizedweb.net/science-fair/

avatar for Feross Aboukhadijeh

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Founder, WebTorrent
Feross is building WebTorrent , the first torrent client that works on the web in the browser. He is bringing P2P to the masses with accessible, WebRTC-based P2P protocols.
avatar for Sawood Alam

Sawood Alam

Researcher, Old Dominion University
Sawood Alam is a PhD Student of Computer Science at Old Dominion University, USA. Sawood received his B.Tech. degree in Computer Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia, India in 2008 and his M.S. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University, USA in 2013. His Master’s Thesis title... Read More →
avatar for Muneeb Ali

Muneeb Ali

Co-Founder, Blockstack
Muneeb co-founded Blockstack, a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data. Muneeb received his PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University specializing in distributed systems. He went through Y Combinator and has worked in the systems research group at Princeton... Read More →
avatar for Derek Alia

Derek Alia

Frontend Developer, Aragon
A constant student. I love learning new languages, frameworks, databases and techniques. I try to have a wide breadth of knowledge on the subjects so I can select the best tool for the task at hand. I've been known to lock myself in a room for a week-end for a codefest to learn a... Read More →
avatar for Christopher Allen

Christopher Allen

Executive Director & Principal Architect, Blockchain Commons, LLC
avatar for Mitra Ardron

Mitra Ardron

Lead on Decentralized Web Project, Internet Archive
Mitra Ardron is the technical lead for the decentralization work at the Internet Archive. Apart from building a decentralized version of the archive he is interested in how we can build tools that can work across different decentralized architectures, and has built small libraries... Read More →
avatar for Gavin Atkinson

Gavin Atkinson

Designer, Tlon
Gavin is a designer working on Urbit. Most recently he has focused on visualizing cryptographic data like public keys and other identifiers.
avatar for Dietrich Ayala

Dietrich Ayala

Developer, Protocol Labs
Dietrich Ayala is a developer advocate at Mozilla, the non-profit makers of the Firefox web browser, where he's been working for internet freedom and shipping open source software to hundreds of millions of people for over a decade.
avatar for Camelon Baker

Camelon Baker

Senior Software Engineer, NetFreedom Pioneers
Camelon Baker currently works as the Senior Software Engineer at NetFreedom Pioneers. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of NFP’s primary project: Toosheh, an offline technology that distributes content through satellite datacasting. Camelon has been... Read More →
avatar for Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Founder & CTO, Solid/Inrupt
Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. He founded and Directs the World Wide Consortium (W3C) the forum for technical development of the Web. He founded the Web Foundation whose mission is that the WWW serves humanity, and co-founded the Open Data Institute in London.  He... Read More →
avatar for Eva Beylin

Eva Beylin

Strategy & Research, OmiseGO
Eva is fascinated with human behavior and how it impacts economic activity and incentive systems. She supports strategy development and research at OmiseGO, to build accessible financial infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain, while ensuring that all necessary components... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Bowers

Sarah Bowers

Outreach Coordinator, NetFreedom Pioneers
Sarah Bowers works as an Outreach Coordinator for NetFreedom Pioneers. With a background in international education and nonprofit work, Sarah’s passion lies in cross-cultural inquiry and analyzing the ethics and effectiveness of international development efforts. With these interests... Read More →
avatar for Francis Brunelle

Francis Brunelle

Community Support, MaidSafe
As a software developer, Francis has been passionate about Decentralized Web technologies since 2012. Over the years, he has developed a keen expertise with regards to many projects (e.g. SAFE Network, Beaker Browser, Dat, Scuttlebutt, IPFS, etc.) that aim to provide open source platforms... Read More →
avatar for Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus

Chief of Research, Beaker Browser
Mathias Buus is a self taught JavaScript hacker from Copenhagen that has been working with Node.js since the 0.2 days. Mathias likes to work with P2P and distributed systems and is the author of more than 650 modules on npm. He is also the Chief of Research at Beaker leading the technical... Read More →
avatar for Dina Carabas

Dina Carabas

Development Partnerships, Web3 Foundation
Dina is a member of the Web3 Foundation which aims to bring about a more secure, efficient and trust-free web. She is helping to launch the Polkadot protocol and other technologies that build the base for decentralized applications. Previously, she served on the management board of... Read More →
avatar for Constance Choi

Constance Choi

Seven Advisory, COALA
Constance is one of the principal drivers of global, collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiatives (www.blockchainworkshops.org and www.coala.global) and her ongoing work is intended to foster sound public policy to allow blockchain technologies to fulfill the great social and economic promise of its technical ingenuity. Her company, Seven Advisory, also supports diverse public and private clients in global regulations, licensing and... Read More →
avatar for Chris Chrysostom

Chris Chrysostom

Senior software engineer, Medici Ventures
Chris Chryosostom is a senior software engineer at Medici Ventures on the property rights project. His experience developing software ranges from inventory management and finance applications to distributed supply chain systems. His current interest is making property rights visible... Read More →
avatar for Bram Cohen

Bram Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO, Chia Network
avatar for Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen

Business Analyst, WeTrust
Mike is a Business Analyst at WeTrust. Although having entered the cryptoeconomy full-time only recently, Mike has been mining, trading, blogging, and observing the cryptocurrency world for years. Prior to joining WeTrust, he was IT & Operations Manager at a successful telecom consulting... Read More →
avatar for Duke Crawford

Duke Crawford

maker, TH.AI
Duke Crawford figured out how to sync audio with GIF. He syncs GIF with audio visual wiki context at th.ai and thinks GIF can learn to host an attention economy where players own the game.email: duke@th.ai twitter: @dukecrawford.
avatar for Peter Czaban

Peter Czaban

Executive Director, Web3 Foundation
Peter is the Executive Director of the Web3 Foundation which aims to bring about a more secure, efficient and trust-free web. He obtained his Masters of Engineering degree at the University of Oxford, reading Engineering Science where he focused on Bayesian Machine Learning. He... Read More →
avatar for Kim Hamilton Duffy

Kim Hamilton Duffy

Chief Technology Officer, Learning Machine, Blockcerts
Kim Hamilton Duffy is CTO of Learning Machine and Principal Architect of Blockcerts. Her focus is building decentralized systems enabling interoperable, recipient-owned credentials and identity solutions based on open standards and open source implementations. Kim is co-chair of the... Read More →
avatar for Primavera De Filippi

Primavera De Filippi

Researcher & Faculty Associate, CERSA/CNRS and Berkman-Klein Center / Harvard
Primavera De Filippi is a Permanent Researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris, a Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and a Visiting Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the... Read More →
avatar for Evan Firoozi

Evan Firoozi

Technical Coordinator, NetFreedom Pioneers
Evan (AliReza) Firoozi is a former student activist and journalist who was imprisoned by the Iranian government for more than a year, six months of which he spent in solitary confinement. He has collaborated with several organizations and universities to translate to Farsi technical... Read More →
avatar for Paul Frazee

Paul Frazee

Founder, Beaker Browser
Paul is the co-creator of the Beaker browser and an active contributor to the Dat protocol. Previously Paul helped found the Secure Scuttlebutt project, and has a history of working at small Web development agencies. He's here to talk about peer-to-peer computing and how the Web can... Read More →
avatar for Andre Garzia

Andre Garzia

TechSpeaker, Mozilla
Andre is a Mozilla TechSpeaker focused on decentralization technologies and is an active member of the Secure Scuttlebutt community. In the recent years he published books about Firefox OS and managed a Web Literacy program in vulnerable neighborhoods of Rio. He is a firm believer... Read More →
avatar for Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt

Software Researcher, The InfoCentral Project
Chris Gebhardt is a software researcher with diverse tech background and specialization in distributed systems and databases. In the last couple years, he's been working on formalizing a comprehensive architecture for decentralized information systems and dynamic software environments... Read More →
avatar for Irakli Gozalishvili

Irakli Gozalishvili

Research Engineer, Mozilla
Irakli Gozalishvili is Research Engineer at Mozilla interested in bringing decentralized technologies into world wide web. He believes internet can be a truly public resource, but only if it breaks free of corporate silos and views decentralization as an enabling technology for t... Read More →
avatar for Adrian Gropper

Adrian Gropper

Chief Technology Officer, Patient Privacy Rights Foundation
Adrian Gropper, MD is CTO of the non-profit Patient Privacy Rights Foundation where he brings training as an engineer from MIT (ME ‘74) and physician from Harvard Medical School (MD ‘78) followed by a career as a medical device entrepreneur. My current work is all about human... Read More →
avatar for María Gómez

María Gómez

Strategy, Aragon.one
María Gómez is a former Colombian/Spanish corporate lawyer. She worked several years in the M&A and corporate finance practice. Currently she works for Aragon.one, the first team, and in the future one of the several teams, working for the Aragon project. A local to Bogotá-Colombia... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

CEO, Textile.io
Andrew Hill is the CEO at Textile where he is working on building a high quality user experience for the decentralized web and sharing the process and results with the everybody. Before Textile, Andrew helped build CartoDB and received a PhD in Biology in Boulder, CO.
avatar for Matthew Hodgson

Matthew Hodgson

Co-founder, The Matrix.org Foundation
Matthew Hodgson is technical co-founder of Matrix.org: a not-for-profit open source project focused on solving the problem of fragmentation in current Chat, VoIP and IoT technologies. By defining a new lightweight pragmatic open standard for federation/interoperability and releasing... Read More →
avatar for Duy Huynh

Duy Huynh

Founder, Ninja
Duy is the founder of Ninja, an anonymous peer-to-peer exchange, more casually known as the crypto version of Craigslist.  Prior to that, Duy was the founder of Autonomous, which creates smart office products based on AI and Robotics technologies.Offline, Duy lives in NYC and enjoys... Read More →
avatar for Ryoichi Ichiyama

Ryoichi Ichiyama

Chief Scientist, Kanata Limited
Ryoichi's current interest is systems programming and programming languages. He has worked for several companies to design and implement programmable architecture of systems. He studied computer science from type theory to component architecture at Kyoto University and Tokyo... Read More →
avatar for Devon Read James

Devon Read James

Co-Founder, Open Index Protocol & Alexandria.io
Devon Read James is the inventor of Open Index Protocol (OIP), a blockchain specification for an open and permissionless database, and CEO of Alexandria.io, where you can find anything published to the Open Index. He has worked for Apple and Sony, deployed twice overseas as a US Marine... Read More →
avatar for Amy James

Amy James

Co-Inventor, Open Index Protocol
Amy James is the co-inventor of Open Index Protocol, an index for all public information built with blockchain & other decentralized technology. Currently in use by Caltech, Overstock subsidiary Medici Land Governance, Teton County Wyoming & many others. It’s the technical solution... Read More →
avatar for Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Web Developer, Tlon
Chris is a web developer / UX designer who turned to decentralization after a decade of stagnation in social media innovation. He quit Twitch in April of 2017 to do decentralization research and found the broader community. Now he works at Tlon, finally building the next-generation... Read More →
avatar for Dimitri De Jonghe

Dimitri De Jonghe

Co-Founder, Head of Research, BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol
Dr. Dimitri De Jonghe is a cross-domain protocol researcher. After finishing his PhD on micro-electronics and machine learning, he co-founded a series of blockchain startups: ascribe [power to creators] and BigchainDB [a blockchain database], and Ocean Protocol [a public network for... Read More →
avatar for Mek Karpeles

Mek Karpeles

Software Engineer, Internet Archive/Open Library
(@mekarpeles on GitHub) is a software engineer and citizen of the world dedicated to curating a living map of the universe's knowledge. His philosophies on open access and semantic knowledge systems can be explored at https://michaelkarpeles.com.  
avatar for Tamas Kocsis

Tamas Kocsis

Founder, Programmer, ZeroNet
Tamas is a self-taught web builder from Hungary who has been in love with the Internet since the dial-up era. He is the founder and programmer of ZeroNet (https://zeronet.io), which allows you to create decentralized, P2P and real-time updated websites using Bitcoin cryptography and... Read More →
avatar for Duncan Krostue

Duncan Krostue

Western Governors University, Student of Marketing
Duncan is an artist from Kalamazoo, Michigan who has recently traveled to NYC and Tokyo to meet with other cryptoartists in real life. After selling a tokenized print of an illustrated parody on stage at the actual first auction of visual art made for the blockchain, he became inspired... Read More →
avatar for Priya Kuber

Priya Kuber

Priya is an India-born San Francisco based entrepreneur. She was the 8th employee of Arduino and subsequently, the Director of their office in India. From 2018, she is also a visiting faculty for entrepreneurship, with Fondazione Agnelli in Italy. She works with GUN as a Chief Process... Read More →
avatar for Mark Kudlac

Mark Kudlac

Mark Kudlac graduated with degrees in engineering and computer science from the University of Toronto in 1985. He founded Conxsys with a partner in 1990. Conxsys developed a turnkey Linux based ERP system, Drive 2.0, for car dealerships. After a successful exit in 2000 Mark developed... Read More →
avatar for aaron kumavis

aaron kumavis

try make future less bad via computers + humans + cryptography
avatar for Nick Lambert

Nick Lambert

COO, MaidSafe
Nick Lambert​, ​started his working life in project management roles with IBM, before a change in tack led him into senior marketing positions with a diverse range of companies. He has co-authored papers on decentralised networks, presented at several international conferences... Read More →
avatar for Benedict Lau

Benedict Lau

DWeb Camp Network Coordinator, Toronto Mesh
Benedict Lau is an engineer who tells stories of technology practices that bring communities together. He studies distributed protocols and collective governance of digital infrastructures. When not “on email”, he builds passable open source tools and facilitates activities about... Read More →
avatar for Charles Lehner

Charles Lehner

Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium
Charles builds and maintains applications on Secure Scuttlebutt, with a focus on integrating external systems and protocols into the platform; current projects include git-ssb, ssb-npm-registry, and patchfoo
avatar for John Light

John Light

Community Lead, Aragon
John Light is the Community Lead at Aragon, a project that is building tools for the governance of organizations and open source projects. He is also a co-founder of Bitseed, author of Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank, free software advocate and contributor, and advisor to cryptocurrency... Read More →
avatar for Joachim Lohkamp

Joachim Lohkamp

Joachim Lohkamp is an entrepreneur and tech-enthusiast with a heart for activism. As the founder of Jolocom, he has been working at the forefront of the decentralization movement in Berlin since 2014. To ultimately harvest this potential and inform innovation aimed regulation, he... Read More →
avatar for Gregory Magarshak

Gregory Magarshak

President, Qbix
Web developer and entrepreneur who is passionate about the power of social applications to improve people's lives. Greg is the architect behind the technology that powers Qbix applications.
avatar for Martti Malmi

Martti Malmi

Head of Identity, GUN
Bitcoin's first collaborator. Creator of Identi.fi and head of identity @GUN. Voluntaryist.
avatar for Chris Mankiewicz

Chris Mankiewicz

Digitization Manager, Internet Archive
Chris worked at the Internet Archive as an archive administrator for a little over 2 years before being promoted to the position of digitization manager. Prior to that, he studied history at San Diego State University, worked in an audio/visual department at Sony Pictures in LA, and... Read More →
avatar for Bill Mar

Bill Mar

Organizer, Makers of Phoenix
Implementer of BIOS, DOS, WinCE, Windows for embedded devices Founded Special Computing, integrating thousands of embedded platforms Microsoft MVP (embedded) for 12 years Microprocessor Reference Platform Design, training, and certification Organizer of Community groups... Read More →
avatar for Adrien Marie

Adrien Marie

Founder, DTube
DTube is a decentralized video platform that utilizes the Blockchain and P2P technology. It operates without censorship or algorithms that artificially change the rankings of videos. It is ad-free, and creators and users earn revenue when they interact with the service, either by... Read More →
avatar for Karissa McKelvey

Karissa McKelvey

Director, Dat Foundation
Karissa McKelvey is an open source software developer, writer, project manager, and activist supporting an equitable web. She develops and maintains a wide variety of tools and services for Digital Democracy. She is also a board member of Code for Science and Society. Formerly a data... Read More →
avatar for Greg McMullen

Greg McMullen

Lawyer, COALA
Greg is a lawyer based in Berlin, where he chairs the Privacy and Data Protection subsection of the Blockchain Bundesverband. He is co-founder of the Interplanetary Database Foundation, and the former Chief Policy Officer of ascribe.io and BigchainDB. Before moving to Berlin, Greg spent five years as a litigator with one of Canada’s top class action law firms, where he worked on class actions against Facebook over privacy violations, and Visa and MasteCard alleging price fixing. He served on the Board of Dire... Read More →
avatar for Mark Nadal

Mark Nadal

Founder, GUN
Mark is a mathematician turned programmer. He runs a VC backed Open Source company and has traveled to 30 countries. The diverse cultures he has experienced fuels his passion for learning, sharing, and creating open technology freely for all.
avatar for Jude Nelson

Jude Nelson

Engineering Partner, Blockstack
Jude Nelson earned his PhD in computer science at Princeton and worked as a core member of PlanetLab, which received the ACM Test of Time Award for enabling planetary scale experimentation and deployment. His research covered wide-area storage systems and CDNs. 10+ years of Vim u... Read More →
avatar for Kristoffer Newsom

Kristoffer Newsom

Content Creator, Λ L Ξ X Λ N D R I Λ
Kristoffer Newsom is a content creator at Alexandria.io and a multidisciplinary artist, focused on the intersection of scientific thought with creative expression and intuition. Kris has worked as a Photographer for Print and Web, in Film/TV as a Cinematographer, Colorist, Editor... Read More →
avatar for noffle


P2P Hacker
I build open technologies to empower people and their communities, respect their values, and foster self-determination. I value mindfulness, honesty, kindness, simplicity, and sharing. I work independently and with non-profit tech organizations like Digital Democracy. Right now I... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Osheroff

Andrew Osheroff

Software Developer, Independent
Andrew is a freelance software developer based in Seattle. He’s primarily focused on building tools for empowering knowledge workers, using decentralized storage systems. Previously, he worked on the Fuchsia operating system team at Google, and was the lead developer of the Binder... Read More →
avatar for Nicolás Pace

Nicolás Pace

Community Networks Movement Building Coordinator, APC
AlterMundi A.
avatar for Amandine Le Pape

Amandine Le Pape

Co-founder, The Matrix.org Foundation
Amandine is the co-founder of Matrix.org, a unique initiative aiming to democratise secure online communication and solve the problem of fragmentation in current Chat, VoIP and IoT technologies. Matrix hopes to create a new ecosystem that makes open real-time-communication as universal... Read More →
avatar for Alfonso Pating

Alfonso Pating

Product Manager, WeTrust
Alfonso is the Product Manager at WeTrust, a blockchain technology company creating a decentralized, financially inclusive, socially impactful ecosystem. Previously the co-founder of Rosca Finance (rosca.io), the only product on the market that allowed consumers to build credit history through saving and investing their own money. A former banker for over 12 years, he's worked at renowned international financial institutions across the globe, spanning US, Taiwan, Spain and China... Read More →
avatar for Sander Pick

Sander Pick

CTO, Textile Photos
Sander Pick is CTO at Textile where he is building the technology to help decentralize our personal data and build the epic consumer apps of the future. Previously, Sander worked at Apple and Mission Motors. 
avatar for Jack Platts

Jack Platts

Communications, Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation
Jack works from Berlin, Germany where he is helping to launch the Polkadot protocol and coordinate all protocols within the Web3 Tech stack. Jack leads various community and communications efforts in the domain of decentralized technologies at the Foundation.Jack served an Associate... Read More →
avatar for Jeremy Rand

Jeremy Rand

Lead Application Engineer, Namecoin
 Jeremy is Lead Application Engineer and Community Organizer of Namecoin, a naming system (currently used for DNS and identities) which backs authenticity of records with the same algorithms and code used to back financial transactions in Bitcoin. Jeremy wears many hats at Namecoin... Read More →
avatar for Jean Russell

Jean Russell

Co-Director of Commons Engine, Holo
Cultivator of Flows, Jean Russell passionately transforms ideas into thriving organizations, always looking for the highest leverage points for us to shift from the world we have toward the world we want. Jean is a culture hacker, facilitator, speaker, and writer creating the future... Read More →
avatar for Eugeniu Rusu

Eugeniu Rusu

Core Dev, Jolocom GmbH
Eugeniu is a full stack developer at Jolocom. His passion lies in Self sovereign identity systems and architectures. He designed the architecture of both the Jolocom protocol and smart wallet application. His experience stretches from blockchain technology (Ethereum, IPFS) to React... Read More →
avatar for Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan

Co-founder, Community Organizer & Treasurer, Omni Commons, People's Open Network
Jenny Ryan is co-founder, community organizer & treasurer of both the Omni Commons and the People's Open Network. She works alongside organizations to build human and communications infrastructure. She connects grassroots communities and global initiatives rooted in the shared struggle... Read More →
avatar for Markus Sabadello

Markus Sabadello

CEO, Danube Tech
Markus Sabadello has been a pioneer and leader in the field of digital identity for many years and has contributed to cutting-edge technologies that have emerged in this space. He has been an early participant of decentralization movements such as the Federated Social Web, Respect... Read More →
avatar for Carla Schroer

Carla Schroer

Cultural Heritage Imaging
Carla Schroer leads the training programs at CHI and works on field capture projects with Reflectance Transformation Imaging, photogrammetry, and related computational photography techniques. She also directs the software development and testing activities at CHI, she is a CHI founder... Read More →

Matthew Schutte

Director of Communication, Holo
avatar for Ben Sharafian

Ben Sharafian

CTO, Coil Technologies
Ben is CTO and Co-Founder at Coil, a startup that aims to fix monetization on the Web. In addition to Web Monetization, Ben has contributed to the design and implementation of Interledger, an interoperability protocol for money. Before Coil, Ben worked as an engineer at Ripple.
avatar for Shadi Sharifi

Shadi Sharifi

Toranj Project Coordinator, NetFreedom Pioneers
Shadi Sharifi is an Iranian lawyer who practiced family law for four years before moving to the United States. Shadi is an innovator and coordinates NetFreedom Pioneers’ Toranj project - an android application that supports those at risk of experiencing violent or abusive circu... Read More →
avatar for Morgan Sutherland

Morgan Sutherland

Product Manager, Tlon
Morgan is a product manager working on Urbit with a background in media art. Currently he works on Urbit's identity system and security UX.
avatar for Dominic Tarr

Dominic Tarr

Founder, Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium
Scuttlebutt was created by Dominic Tarr, a Node.js developer with more than 600 modules published on npm and who lives on a self-steering sailboat in New Zealand. It is here, from the need for offline connection with the outside word, Scuttlebutt emerged. http://dominictarr.co... Read More →
avatar for Antonio Tenorio-Fornés

Antonio Tenorio-Fornés

Software Developer and Researcher, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Antonio Tenorio-Fornés is a free software developer and researcher. He holds a 5 years CS/Eng degree and a Master in Research in Computer Science. He is currently developing his PhD at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, funded by an institutional scholarship, and working for... Read More →
avatar for Kasima Tharnpipitchai

Kasima Tharnpipitchai

Director of Engineering, OmiseGO
 Kasima has been developing software for decades. Most of that time has been spent helping startups deliver software to production. As Director of Engineering for Plasma, he's singularly focused on productionizing Plasma research to ship the OMG Network in a safe and responsible... Read More →
avatar for Peter Todd

Peter Todd

Founder, OpenTimestamps
avatar for Jehan Tremback

Jehan Tremback

CEO, Althea
Jehan has a background in software consulting and has been developing blockchain software since 2013, including an early wallet for Tendermint, the Avocado state channel framework, and the RPR payment channel routing protocol. He has volunteered with the PeoplesOpen.net mesh network... Read More →
avatar for Tara Vancil

Tara Vancil

Co-Creater, Beaker Browser
Tara is the co-creator of the Beaker Browser, a browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web. She co-founded Blue Link Labs, the team of decentralization enthusiasts behind the Beaker Browser and hashbase.io. She's dedicated to building the Web of tomorrow as a Web for... Read More →
avatar for Ruben Verborgh

Ruben Verborgh

Professor of Semantic Web technology, Ghent University – imec
Ruben Verborgh is a professor of Semantic Web technology at Ghent University – imec and a research affiliate at the Decentralized Information Group at MIT. Specializing in Web-scale query execution, he aims to build a more intelligent generation of clients for a decentralized Web... Read More →
avatar for Gabriel Viagnotti

Gabriel Viagnotti

Software Engineer, MaidSafe
Gabriel is a Software Engineer working with MaidSafe to decentralise the internet with the SAFE Network. He started becoming involved in the project as part of the community, actively contributing to the goal of having a free web, with real privacy, no surveillance, which helps humans... Read More →
avatar for Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer

Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer

Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer is a member of eQualitie, a company that develops open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security, and information management. He works on the development of technologies enabling unfettered access to the World Wide Web for netizens operating in... Read More →
avatar for Jeremiah Wagstaff

Jeremiah Wagstaff

Chief Hacker, Subspace
Jeremiah is an entrepreneur with a diverse background. He received a BS and MS in Cultural Geography from Texas A&M University, where he conducted field work in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He then spent eight years in the United States Army as Infantry Officer with service in Iraq... Read More →
avatar for Fennie Wang

Fennie Wang

Cofounder, ixo
Fennie is a lawyer turned entrepreneur in the blockchain field, as cofounder of ixo, which is a blockchain protocol for scaling impact measurement and tokenizing any project’s impact data into digital assets that can be funded, traded or exchanged. Fennie is a US-qualified securities... Read More →
avatar for Brian Warner

Brian Warner

Founder, Tahoe - LAFS/ Agoric
Brian builds Tahoe-LAFS, a distributed storage system that safely uses untrusted servers, and Magic Wormhole, the easiest secure file transfer tool ever.
avatar for Mikey Williams

Mikey Williams

Small Group Organizer, Enspiral & Scuttlebutt
Mikey is working to solve group coordination problems. He's currently building peachcloud.org, a hosted Scuttlebutt pub-as-a-service platform. Every week in Wellington, New Zealand, he organizes arthack.nz, a local gathering to open space for creative energy. https://dinosaur... Read More →
avatar for Natascha Wittenberg

Natascha Wittenberg

Developer, Jolocom
Natascha is a full stack developer at Jolocom (React, React Native, JavaScript, Typescript) and on decentralized technologies (Ethereum, IPFS). She has several years of experience in leadership and project management. Beyond this Natascha has 7 years of working experience in the energy... Read More →
avatar for Andros Wong

Andros Wong

Software engineer, Coil
Andros is currently a software engineer at Coil, where he works on the flat rate monetization product across different platforms/devices and building Codius, Coil’s open hosting protocol. Previously he was a software engineer at Ripple.
avatar for Mehdi Yahyanejad

Mehdi Yahyanejad

Executive Director, NetFreedom Pioneers
Mehdi Yahyanejad is founder of Balatarin.com, the largest user-generated news website in Persian and a crucial information source in the 2009 pro-democracy protest movement in Iran. He is the co-founder and director of NetFreedom Pioneers, a nonprofit organization that delivers curated... Read More →


Tuesday July 31, 2018 6:00pm - 7:45pm
Internet Archive 300 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

Attendees (139)